Thank you for your interest in helping out my Dinner5 project!

Dinner5 is a monthly 6 person (5 guests + me), 5 course meal I host in various cities around the world.  It’s a small, intimate gathering of industry peers who come together to talk work nerdery. As a small business, single person consulting practice, this is my main marketing program for the year.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone (214.566.5957) or email (jake@community5.com). In the meantime, here’s a few common details:

  • Food is meant to be fun/experimental enough to be talked about the next day, but simple enough to appeal to a broad range of tastes. (I don’t know who has what level of foodie interest)
  • I will provide you with the details on food allergies/issues/diet approaches early enough to adjust the menu, but this will be dependent on the guest list. Let me know when “too late to change” is.
  • The location is typically a private home (whether an guest’s house or an AirBnB), and I’ll choose them based on ensuring they have a real kitchen and dining space.
  • I hope to have dishes provided with the venue, but we may need to have you help with additional dishes. This is something we can discuss.
  • I typically ask that the chef is the server to help with the intimate, small group vibe of the event. I’ve tried having servers, but it works against the “casual” vibe I’m trying to create.

One of the biggest issues I look to when choosing the chef for each event is building a menu that includes a “story”. This isn’t a complex project, per se… but it is something we want to delight attendees with. I want the chef to share some level of “story” about the food/course with the attendees when they serve it.

  • Example: One chef in Colorado was from New Mexico. Apparently these two states have a pepper rivalry and so the chef created each course to have these peppers “battle” each other in some way, and she told stories about growing up as a kid and an adult and using these peppers in different ways.


If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!