How can I get an invite to a Dinner5 event?

There’s a limited number of seats (5!) per event, and each event is highly curated to make sure the attendees are non-competitive, senior leaders (or highly experiences community professionals), and a great match to make a great night.

If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the form on the home page!

Does it cost money to attend?


Community5 is covering the costs of the initial events. No expense reports to submit, no credit card division to worry about.

We have a number of ideas to expand the Dinner5 concept is all kinds of cool ways, so we reserve the right to change the pricing down the road. But if we do, you’ll be happy to spend the money or we won’t do it.

I’m supposed to attend an event, but something came up. Can I cancel?

Life happens, and things change. Please let us know as soon as you can if you have to back out of your spot at Dinner5.

We strongly encourage you, however, to do your best to get to the event. These are unique events, and you may not be able to attend the next event depending on how many people are signed up and waiting for a spot at an upcoming month.

We’ll also share that each event costs a pretty penny. As we all know, amazing experiences often require investment to pull off. If you can’t make it, we would ask that you check with your colleagues or network to see if there are others interested in joining us.


Can I sponsor Dinner5?


We rely on our fantastic sponsors to help make Dinner5 happen! Full and Partial sponsorships are available for each event. We can even work with you to plan a custom Dinner5 event in your city. For more information, please visit our Sponsors page. 


What cities are the events hosted in??

The events happen around the United States (and hopefully the rest of the world soon!)

Where are the events hosted in each city?

Dinner5 events are held at private homes and AirBnB locations. These venues help us feel more relaxed and create a cone of silence that allows deep, meaningful conversations.